How Ductwork Repair Improves Efficiency

The ducts in your home form a path so that the air conditioned by your HVAC system can travel into your home through an enclosed space. Your air conditioner will not stop running until your home reaches the proper temperature. But if there are holes and cracks in a duct, it will take a lot longer for your air conditioner to cool your home as desired.

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Is It Possible to Purchase New Ductwork and Handle Replacement Myself?

Most homes in the U.S. come standard with a set of ducts so that it is easy to install a central heating or air conditioning system. Unfortunately, many ducts are not installed with care, and it’s actually probable that your ducts have some sort of problem delivering air to the home—from minor air leaks that are hardly noticeable to entire areas of ductwork that have collapsed.

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Is a Heat Pump a Better Choice Than a Furnace?

With so many choices available to homeowners for heating systems, it can be difficult to decide if one system is better than another. If you are deciding between two types of heating systems, it’s important to understand how each system works and what it can offer you and your home.

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Tips to Tell if Your Ductwork Needs Repair

Faulty ductwork can lead to multiple problems, but it can sometimes be hard to identify simply because ductwork is not very visible. To help you determine whether or not you may be experiencing problems with your ductwork, our Ultimate Air Conditioning technicians have put together a list of common signs that can indicate it may be time for ductwork repair in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

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Can My AC Still Run with Low Refrigerant?

We are nearing the end of our busy cooling season, and it’s not unusual for air conditioners to develop refrigerant leaks as part of the normal wear-and-tear of summer. While many ACs will continue to run with a refrigerant leak, it is not good for your air conditioning in Lakewood Ranch to operate with anything but the correct amount of refrigerant.

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A Few End of Summer Repairs for Air Conditioners

We may still be in the dog days of summer, but soon the temperatures will begin to cool. You may have noticed over the last couple of months that your air conditioner hasn’t been operating quite the same, which isn’t unusual given the amount of work it’s done over the last several months.

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3 Problems Caused by Ductwork Breaches

The integrity of the ventilation system in your home is more vital than you may realize. Because most of the ductwork remains hidden from your sight behind walls and in ceilings and closed-off spaces, it’s unlikely that you give much daily thought to these important air channels that circulate air from your home, through the HVAC system, and back into your living spaces.

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