Furnace Problems to Watch Out for

The days are going to start getting pretty cold in the next month or two. At least, as cold as things get in Florida. If you’re going to be using your furnace on a regular basis to keep your home warm, you’re going to want to watch out for some problems that could crop up.

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3 Common Myths About Furnaces

Many homes in Sarasota rely on traditional forced-air furnaces for their heating. However, many people still cling to myths and misunderstandings about how their heating operates. As a result, they often waste money in unnecessary energy costs...

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Your Sarasota HVAC System and Electricity

While not every HVAC system in your Sarasota home requires electricity, many of them do. Your air conditioner, furnace and ventilation system all need access to the central power line. So what does that mean for your system and what problems should be you beware of?

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