Heating costs for the average home typically take up almost half of the utility bills, so it’s no secret that you’d like to find any way you can to reduce these costs. Here are a few heating tips from Ultimate Air to help our Sarasota Bay area customers stay warm and keep your heating bills low even during the coldest season:

  • Regular Heating System Maintenance – In addition to scheduling professional maintenance, you should clean your vents regularly and change your filters. This will help your heating system operate efficiently.
  • Add a Digital Thermostat – If your existing heater has an older, traditional thermostat, then invest in a digital thermostat. These newer models are much more precise, and they are also programmable which allows you to use your energy wisely. A digital thermostat is a relatively small upfront cost with a great energy savings payoff over time.
  • Check your Insulation – Without proper insulation, your energy escapes and your heating system has to work harder. Have your insulation checked, especially in your attic or crawlspace, to ensure that you are not losing heat in under insulated areas.
  • Seal Doors and Windows – Keep more of your heat inside with caulking or weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Choose the Right Size Heating System – Choosing the correct size heating system for your space is vital to maximize energy efficiency, so consult a professional before you make this important purchase.

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