Expert Assessments & AC Installations

child-young-fanWhile air conditioning replacement may seem overwhelming, it’s a breeze when you hire Ultimate Air. We’ll cut out the guesswork, because after assessing your home we’ll recommend systems we know will meet your needs and budget. Once you’ve decided on a system, we’ll have it installed in no time. If you live in the Sarasota, FL area and it’s time for a new air conditioning unit, call Ultimate Air today.

When is it time for an AC Replacement?

  • Your older system is unreliable and breaks down frequently.
  • Repairing your older system is becoming too expensive.
  • Your older system is no longer energy efficient, so your energy bills are too high.
  • Your space will be better served with a Higher Efficiency system. Larger capacity tends to make people think they need a larger system like going from a 3 ton to a 4 ton and that is not the case.

When it’s time for a new AC unit, Ultimate Air will install a system that is reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective for your space.

How much will your new AC unit cost?

Check out Ultimate Air’s AC Pricing Guide

How do you know when you need an HVAC repair?

  • Is your HVAC system making unusual noises?
  • Is your HVAC system heating or cooling unevenly or inadequately?
  • Are your energy bills higher than usual?
  • Does your indoor air have an odor, or seem polluted?
  • Can you see cracks or leaks in your ductwork?
  • Is your thermostat unreliable or inaccurate?

What makes us the ultimate choice for your Air Conditioning Replacement?

  • Honesty - The most important of our core values, and the cornerstone of our family owned and operated company.
  • Dependability - Our AC assessments and installations are dependable and professional.
  • Fair Prices - We offer fair prices on all our air conditioning units, and we provide the information you need to make a cost effective purchase. No overselling!
  • Expertise - Owner Jeff Markey earned his degree in Air Conditioning Engineering Technology and has over 40 years experience in the heating and cooling industry. He and his team truly offer the ultimate level of expertise when it comes to AC installations.

Call us for a free AC assessment & quote

We look forward to installing the air conditioning unit that you need at a price you can afford. Call 941-379-5303 to schedule an appointment for a quote on your AC replacement.