Valuable Tips To Protect Your AC System

In the Sarasota, FL area, we rely on our AC systems throughout much of the year. Here are a few air conditioning tips from the experts at Ultimate Air to help you take care of this important investment:

  • man-transparent-164x201Regular AC Maintenance – In addition to your regular professional maintenance, you should clean your vents regularly and change your filters. This will help your system operate efficiently.
  • Add a Digital Thermostat – If your existing AC unit has an older, traditional thermostat, then invest in a digital thermostat. These newer models are much more precise and they are also programmable which allows you to use your energy wisely. A digital thermostat is a relatively small upfront cost with a great energy savings payoff over time.
  • Check your Insulation – Without proper insulation, your energy escapes and your AC system has to work harder. Have your insulation checked to ensure that you are keeping your cool air in your home.
  • Choose the Right Size Air Conditioner – Choosing the correct size air conditioner for your space is vital, so consult a professional before you purchase any type or size AC unit.

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