Why Your Furnace’s AFUE Rating Matters: A Sarasota Furnace Guide

If someone were to ask you what the AFUE rating of your furnace is, would you be able to answer them? Do you know what the acronym stands for? Would you even have any idea what they were talking about? If your answer to all three of these questions is no, don’t worry. You’re not alone. The fact of the matter is that many homeowners either inherited their furnaces with their homes or did not pay attention to the specifications of their furnace. In truth, though, the AFUE rating on your furnace is a very important factor to consider, especially when deciding to replace your furnace or when shopping around for a new model. Here is some information about the AFUE rating, what it means, and the impact that it can have on your Sarasota home. For more information about the valuable information the AFUE rating on your furnace can supply call the home heating specialists at Ultimate Air Conditioning today.

The AFUE rating is a measurement of your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency. This means that it measures how efficiently your furnace converts its fuel source’s energy into heat over the course of a year. All new furnaces and boilers are required to display this efficiency rating so that consumers can compare the energy efficiency levels of different makes and models. This information is a valuable tool for consumers as it gives them the information necessary to ensure that they are getting the highest efficiency levels possible within their personal budget. There are a few reasons why energy efficiency should play such a large factor in the selection of a home heating system.

To begin with, the more efficient your furnace and entire home heating system is, the less money you are going to have to spend in order to operate that system. Because less efficient systems require more fuel to make up for the loss of energy in their operation they are inherently more expensive to operate. The higher the AFUE rating of you furnace the less energy is being wasted, which in turn means you are using less of that fuel to make up for energy loss.

There are environmental concerns as well as monetary ones. Heating homes in a more eco-friendly way has become a big issue in recent years, and the higher the AFUE rating of a furnace the less environmental impact it is going to have. By burning natural gas more completely, for instance, and making the most of its potential energy, you will use less fuel and create less pollution. The same goes for electricity; wasted energy is simply never good for the environment.

If you have any further questions about AFUE ratings or how to choose the best furnace for your Sarasota home call the heating efficiency experts at Ultimate Air Conditioning. We’ll make sure that you get the most heating power and efficiency for you budget and personal heating habits.

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