Two Heat Pump Additions That Can Boost Efficiency: Sarasota Heat Pump Tip

Chances are that if you have invested in a heat pump you have done so partially due to the potential energy savings these systems offer. When you consider the excellent efficiency that heat pumps work with, it may be surprising to learn that you can actually still improve upon that efficiency. If you are interested in making your heat pump heating and cooling system in Sarasota even more efficient, contact Ultimate Air. We have a few energy efficiency boosting options that we would like to share with you.

Many homeowners either are still using an old, manual thermostat or actually have a more modern model but fail to use it as efficiently as possible. We encourage all homeowners in the area, even those with highly efficient heat pumps, to think about making the switch to a programmable thermostat. Manual thermostats are fine, and digital thermostats are simple to use. By combining these features with the ability to create heating and cooling programs specific to your needs and schedule, though, you can start getting more heating and air conditioning performance for your money.

Like many homeowners, you have probably left the house with the heater or air conditioner running stronger than you wanted to at some point. When properly used, a programmable thermostat allows you to lower those settings while still coming home to a comfortable environment. Simply program your heat pump to kick into a higher gear shortly before you or your family is scheduled to get back home. That way you can give the heat pump a rest during the day without feeling the effect upon arrival.

For even more control over your heat pump you may want to consider the installation of zone control system. Have you ever had to compromise on the thermostat setting? Chances are that you have. The fact is that different people are comfortable at different temperatures. By breaking your home into different temperature zones and controlling each zone individually you can better regulate the use of energy in your home. Keep everyone happy and cut back on heating and cooling costs at the same time.

To learn more about either of these control options, call Ultimate Air. Our technicians will answer any questions that you may have. Let us help you boost the efficiency of your heat pump heating and cooling system in Sarasota.

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