Sarasota Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Why Your Air Conditioning System Is Frosting Over

Although the sight of frost during the Sarasota, FL cooling season might seem like a welcome change, frost building up on the external or internal components of your air conditioning system can indicate a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. Ultimate Air Conditioning is committed to the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC system this spring and summer. If you believe you may have a problem with your AC unit, particularly if you notice frost on the components, give us a call right away, the sooner the better. Contact Ultimate Air today.

There are a variety of reasons for the appearance of frost on your air conditioning system. These conditions require the expert attention of a professional.

  • Low refrigerant levels. Your central air conditioner may be low on the refrigerant which circulates through your system.. Low levels can seriously affect the efficiency of your unit.
  • Lack of airflow. Insufficient airflow can mean that your cool air is staying in one place for too long, or that your coils are getting too cold. This might be an issue with your fan components or possibly a clogged or dirty air filter.
  • Fan not moving air. If your fans are not properly circulating your air, it can cause cold spots in parts of your system, resulting in frost accumulation.
  • Air conditioner runs all night. If you run your AC on even the coolest of summer nights, the combination might lead to freezing in parts of your system. Moderating your cooling temperatures at night may also save you money.
  • Drainage. The condensation and evaporation water in your system requires drainage in order to keep the system clean and to avoid moisture build-up and leaks. If the part of your system that controls the drainage is clogged or damaged, then it could lead to frost.

Frost build-up indicates a problem with your Sarasota, FL air conditioner. The causes are difficult to diagnose and require the expert knowledge and skill of one of the air conditioner technicians at Millian-Aire. To schedule a repair service for any frost build-up on your air conditioner, call us today. 

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